CEO Scott Knowles Featured on Agents Influence Podcast

In a captivating episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, our very own Scott Knowles, CEO, and Co-Founder of Loss Scan, took the spotlight. Here’s a glimpse into the insights and groundbreaking innovations that unfolded:


  • Scott’s journey and the birth of Loss Scan, the game-changing data extraction tool. (2:31)
  • How Loss Scan’s one-click magic transforms data analysis, shaping the future of insurance. (5:44)
  • The limitless potential of Loss Scan’s algorithm, transcending boundaries. (10:36)
  • Time-saving wizardry: Loss Scan’s impact on carriers and underwriters. (13:37)
  • Bridging the gap: Scott’s perspective on client-centric success in insurance. (19:52)
  • Unveiling the vision: Scott’s IndieTech2023 aspirations for Insurtech collaboration. (23:58)

Key takeaways and quotes

“It’s not that we want to replace humans from doing this process, we want to improve their capabilities, we want to enhance what they’re doing. And so that’s what Loss Scan is about.” – Scott Knowles

“I can tell you, what we’re doing and what’s coming is phenomenal. I mean, it’s just we’ve tapped into something that is so much better than what we’ve done before.” – Scott Knowles

“The best technology that you can get out there is technology that comes from people who are in the industry, understand the industry.” – Scott Knowles

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