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The Challenges of Manual Loss Run Data Processing

Manually extracting data from loss run PDFs is hugely inefficient for several reasons:

  • Extremely time-consuming – Loss runs contain valuable data buried across hundreds of pages of tables and text. Humans cannot efficiently process these large documents.

  • Highly prone to errors – Manual data entry inevitably leads to inaccurate and incomplete data due to human mistakes. This impacts analysis and decisions.

  • Labor-intensive – Processing loss runs requires dedicating staff solely to extracting data, taking them away from other tasks. This has high overhead costs.

  • Difficult to scale – Growing business volumes mean more loss runs to process. Scaling manual processing requires hiring more staff, adding costs.

  • Inconsistent formats – Carriers use different layouts and formats for loss runs. Humans struggle to adapt to these inconsistencies.

The Solution - AI-Powered Loss Run Data Extraction

Loss Scan provides a complete AI-based solution that eliminates the inefficiencies of manual processing:

  • Accurate data extraction – Advanced AI accurately identifies and extracts relevant data fields from loss runs, eliminating human errors.

  • Works at scale – Our software can process any volume of loss runs without additional overhead, suitable for large insurers.

  • Adapts to formats – Our algorithms automatically adapt to different loss run layouts and formats to maintain high accuracy.

  • Rapid processing – Loss Scan extracts data from loss runs in minutes versus hours/days for manual entry, speeding analysis.

  • Saves on labor costs – Automation eliminates the need for manual data entry, leading to significant cost reductions.

  • Easy integration – Our APIs seamlessly integrate extracted loss data into your existing systems.

  • Actionable insights – Get valuable analytics on loss ratios, reserves, claims trends and more to inform decisions.

Our Story

Scott Knowles

CEO - Co-Founder

Wesley Van Rensburg

CTO - Co-Founder

As Co-Founders of the successful start-up Modgic, that was acquired in 2021 by Zywave and Clearlake Capital, Scott & Wesley are again coming together to bring you Loss Scan.

They have taken their experience and know how to solve the problem of converting PDF data into tangible information in an effort to bring greater accuracy, save time and bring a greater significance to the information contained in Loss Runs.

Ultimately the process will significantly reduce the costs normally associated to accurately extract the data by removing the human expense and inaccuracy!